You've heard the term used many times before but what does 'Up-time' mean to JFC & Associates. The term in aviation and asset reliability is critical to the strategic planning and mission of every airport operator airport in the world.  This means having a Enterprise Asset Management System that has scalability, robust processing ability, quicker 'time to operations' and most of all, reliability.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFC & Associates has been providing Airports comprehensive enterprise asset management services for several years now and has developed a wide array of solutions to meet your needs. 



Asset Management Consulting:

  • New Implementations
  • Develop Asset Management Plans
  • Mobile Solutions - MAXPORT
  • FAR 139 Inspections
  • ISO55000 Gap Assessments
  • Work Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Management
  • Managed Service and Support
  • In-Pavement Light Bolt Management Solution MAXTORQUE


All of our services come with the understanding that each organization has it's own unique needs and challenges. As such, we've developed our solutions to meet organizational needs from small teams all they way up to enterprise level implementations. Our skill sets and years of experience afford our customers with the support and expertise to truly leverage the objectives an Asset Management System was intended to offer.

Asset Management Issues for Airports

  • Enhance tracking of airport security assets
  • Improving Runway Safety
  • Maintain a high level of uptime on critical equipment:
  • Baggage handling equipment
  • Baggage and customer scanning equipment
  • Elevators, escalators, moving walkways & people movers
  • Bridge the gap between Airport Operations and Airport Maintenance
  • Heightened Security
  • Do More with Less

FAR 139 Asset Classes 

MAP 21

MAP-21 included key directives to the Department (known as Subtitle C) to promote reforms to accelerate the delivery of surface transportation projects.