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MAXIMO helps executives develop more effective asset management policies

Data is powering change at every level of a company. For senior policy makers, IBM® MAXIMO® gives more insight into how assets are being used and their impact on the company’s bottom line. They can more quickly and easily determine ROI, how effectively they are deploying capital, how efficiently the company is producing products or services, and levels of customer satisfaction. MAXIMO helps senior executives better meet modern business, operational, and technological challenges and develop ever more sophisticated strategies to help take their companies into the future.


MAXIMO helps mid-level managers tame the complexity

Executing an executive strategy across an asset-intensive organization requires the ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately. MAXIMO can help by giving managers increased visibility into what’s happening across the enterprise and supply chain. That information can help them better manage assets, extend asset life, reduce inventory and labor costs, improve safety and security levels, and determine optimal approaches to maintenance – without driving up operational costs.


MAXIMO helps your employees do a better job

A brilliant strategy is only successful when everyone has the tools to make it work. MAXIMO gives the people responsible for implementing the strategy on the floor or in the field the tools and information they need. New mobile capabilities let workers capture more data more easily from more locations. Advances in predictive maintenance means they have more accurate insight into when an asset might fail. Intuitive navigation helps dispatchers more efficiently allocate crews. Having a single technology system and integrated supply chain management systems helps workers deliver optimal returns.


We provide companies new EAM solutions and improve the ones they have."

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