IBM Maximo Advanced Business Partner

JFC & Associates specializes in providing high quality and reliable IBM MAXIMO professional services. This includes; new IBM MAXIMO implementations, IBM MAXIMO hosting, IBM MAXIMO upgrades, IBM MAXIMO reporting, mobile, training, site improvement analysis and sustainment. The JFC & Associates team will work with you to enable your Enterprise Asset Management system to truly align with your business processes - ultimately enabling you to work smarter and faster. It is our goal to develop a partnership with you in the pursuit of  your organizations asset management goals.  Interested in learning more about IBM MAXIMO, click here for more information.


IBM Maximo Services

JFC & Associates has been working with IBM MAXIMO beginning in 1996. We have worked in the trades and have been IBM MAXIMO administrators and know how to set clear goals when undertaking new systems and processes. JFC is respected in the EAM services industry in offering any help and assistance.  If you are new to MAXIMO or may have had a not so pleasant implementation experience we pick up very often where others failed. Our success rate is extremely important to our business and directly reflects how well you use the system. JFC offers all levels of expertise to meet your needs and looks forward to any requests you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our various service offerings.


Maximo Upgrades

JFC's IBM MAXIMO upgrade experience goes back to version 3.x when MAXIMO was developed by PSDI. Since that time, JFC has provided turn key EAM services for all MAXIMO upgrade phases. We have performed many upgrades to the latest version of IBM MAXIMO 7.5, for clients ranging from version 4.03 to more recent releases. Our approach to upgrades is to make the client experience as straight forward and simple as possible. We take pride in providing the upgrades with very little down time. We often provide upgrade options and solutions to take advantage of the new technology and focus on process efficiency, therefore providing a better return on your investment. Often our upgrades provide ROI with 12 months, with many clients achieving even better returns due to time spent on the processes that support the technology. Contact us today to learn more about how JFC & Associates can provide you with a positive and smooth upgrade experience.


Maximo Services

Having been on the front lines of maintenance and operations, JFC & Associates understand how to maintain assets. Our background in the development and maintenance of IBM MAXIMO gives us the understanding and experience to maintain your EAM system. JFC's strategy in helping client's use the EAM system smarter and faster, is to continue to assess and improve your as-maintained processes. This strategy encompasses examining new priorities, technology and asset types. We believe the as-maintained instance of your EAM is the most critical component to your EAM operational business processes and we can provide the expertise to help you. We believe in developing a Five-Year IBM MAXIMO continuous improvement plan to meet your business goals and objectives and offer services to develop and maintain the plan. We feel strongly that in order to properly leverage your investment in the EAM, organizations need to take advantage of applications and process built into the system. We believe if the client can take advantage of the out of the box functionality while using a constant improvement strategy the return on investment will be the greatest. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your various EAM initiatives and achieve a higher return on investment.