You've heard the term used many times before but what does 'The Cloud' mean to JFC & Associates. The Cloud means scalability, robust processing ability, quicker 'time to operations' and most of all, reliability.

Maximo Cloud

JFC & Associates has been providing cloud based IBM MAXIMO services for several years now and has developed a variety of different cloud based service models. 

Cloud Offerings Include:

  • Maximo As A Service (MaaS)
  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Mobile Cloud Based Service

All of our cloud based services come with the understanding that each organization has it's own unique needs and challenges. As such, we've developed our cloud based solutions to meet organizational needs from small teams all they way up to enterprise level implementations. Our skill sets and years of experience afford our cloud based customers with the support and expertise to truly leverage what the cloud was intended to offer.