Boston, You're My Home

Boston PrayersHaving spent my formative years attending Northeastern University in Boston and having spent quite a few Marathon Monday's down along Boylston Street, it deeply saddens me with what has transpired. You can't imagine the pain, you can't fathom the reason, you can't understand how someone could do something like this, but still - time and time again we're seeing the worst of human beings. Despite all that, I am always amazed with how we as people can react. We are seeing some of the best. Mr. Rodgers summed it up best: Mr. Rodgers


Those individuals who rushed into the chaos, not thinking of their own safety, the true hero's of this great tragedy, these people who just helped - that is the human spirit. I read this story and it really touched me -

Carlos Arredono

His name is Carlos Arredondo. He is an immigrant citizen of the U.S. who lost his son in Iraq and is now a peace activist and speaker. Carlos Arredondo is holding a tourniquet on a man who had his legs removed by the blast. There used to be leg around what he is holding, but now this true American is literally keeping him alive with his bare hands. He lost Both of his sons. Alexander died while doing a tour in Iraq, and Brian committed suicide in 2011 after falling into depression and becoming a heavy drug user, But when everyone ran away from the bombs, he ran in and helped as many people as he could, he did not want other parents to feel what it was like to lose a child. This man is a true HERO!

So this day and every day your life, live for today as we are not guaranteed tomorrow and never forget that despite all the evil in this world, there are far more people who have the compassion, heart and human spirit to rush in and help each other. We're all Bostonians today...

And remember....