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Connecting the Unconnected


The Internet of Things. IoT. You can’t see it. You can’t touch it. But it’s real.

It’s about connecting the real world to the digital world. Things talking to each other. Controlling each other. Tracking and monitoring each other. Telling you what’s happening now and what’s going to happen in the future. More accurately and efficiently than ever before. 

Integrating IoT into your EAM practices requires a thorough knowledge of cutting edge technology. It also requires in-depth knowledge of your real-world environment. We have both.

More than a hundred years of EAM experience

JFC & Associates is a world leader in integrating Enterprise Asset Management, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We help world-class organizations add and manage new technologies to accelerate their businesses and increase ROI. Finding a smarter way of doing things and solving problems in unconventional ways.

We’re not just an IT company. Many of our people have hands-on experience as engineers, electricians, pipe fitters and managers. We know how to make technology work on the plant floor, out in the field, or anywhere from the boiler-room to the boardroom. 


Integrating IoT and EAM

JFC & Associates is creating end-to-end solutions to business problems through connecting to the IoT. The following are a few examples of how we're integrating IoT and EAM to keep critical assets operating at maximum efficiency.


JFC used MAXIMO to upgrade an entire transit district

38 million+ vehicles cross one of the world’s most iconic bridges every year. More than 9 million people ride the area’s public buses and ferries. To better manage the complexity in their preventive maintenance program, the JFC team recommended the transit district move to MAXIMO from their paper-based system. The result was a dramatic reduction in downtime and a substantially improved ability to predict maintenance requirements. We also helped them add a fuel management system, integrate their financial system to help measure ROI, and expand their inventory control across the organization with mobile solutions.

PROJECT DETAILS: 18-month project | On-site IBM MAXIMO licenses | MAXIMO Transportation | Post-go-live technical support | Custom BIRT reports and TRM | 200 MAXIMO users | Virtual environment | Windows Server DEV, QA & Production | Oracle database


JFC used MAXIMO technology to help an airport make better connections

Maintaining the support buildings for one of the world’s busiest airports is a complex 24/7 job. To help the Port Authority do a better job of tracking preventative and corrective maintenance and the costs involved, the JFC team trained and guided them through a conversion from a legacy client server CCMS to an IBM MAXIMO cloud-based implementation that provides weekly reports and notifications of ongoing project and labor reports. The JFC team continued with Job Plan development, a PM program, and today we continue to provide 24/7 MAXIMO support and managed services.

PROJECT DETAILS: 6 months to implement | SAAS MAXIMO LICENSES | New cloud environment | Replaced legacy CCMS | MAXIMO training for craft and supervisors | Custom BIRT reports


JFC gets high grades for a MAXIMO implementation

A major California university was falling behind in its ability to achieve their goals with their legacy asset management initiatives. JFC helped them move to a MAXIMO implementation that included leveraging existing space data from their Archibus Space Planning system. JFC also developed a comprehensive classification hierarchy for problem identification, created a failure report hierarchy, implemented mobile capabilities for all trades, and an IMAXEAM visual scheduler application to help keep things running efficiently.

PROJECT DETAILS: 100% accurate data migration | 100% schedule compliance | 200 MAXIMO users | On-site MAXIMO licenses | MAXIMO on MS SQLSERVER | Custom BIRT reports | Virtual Environment Active Directory | DataSplice Mobile Computing platform | 6 month project


JFC used MAXIMO to connect facilities all over the Golden State

It’s a big job to stay connected in a state that’s nearly 800 miles long. JFC helped the state of California update their MAXIMO cloud-based central tracking system with the latest capabilities for enterprise-wide work and asset management. The upgrades help the state streamline time and cost tracking, and makes sure MAXIMO information is accessible, accurate and reportable.

PROJECT DETAILS: Connects more than 200 buildings | More than 600 users | Centralized Customer Service Center | Mobile tracking technology


JFC and MAXIMO keep a busy transit system up to speed.

It’s one of the busiest transportation systems in the world, with 5 airports, surface and sea transportation, and one of the most iconic buildings in America. And MAXIMO helps keep it running smoothly. JFC recently helped the port authority upgrade their light rail system to a new cloud-based implementation that involved photographing every asset, barcode tagging them, and improving data gathering, job plan development, and PM program scheduling. JFC continues to provide 24/7 support and cloud-managed services for the system.

PROJECT DETAILS: 100 MAXIMO users | 30 super users | Upgrade to latest MAXIMO version | MAXIMO training | Workorder data cleansing | MAXIMO Qualifications Application | DataSplice solution | SMS messaging | New cloud environment | Custom BIRT reports | Custom Daily Shift application | Bing Map integration | 1.5 year project | 3-year onsite support and cloud services



The California Department of General Services, FMD needed a more efficient way of maintaining an accurate inventory of 25,000 assets for over 200 buildings. To help standardize business processes, JFC transformed an on-premise legacy to an IBM Cloud hosted solution for enterprise-wide work and asset management. The implementation improved staff efficiency with better scheduling tools, hour tracking, issue reporting and mobile work management tools. The solution also provides a variety of custom reports and dashboards for the various management levels of the organization on labor efficiency, work order completion time, overdue work and staff productivity.

PROJECT DETAILS: IBM Cloud infrastructure | DataSplice Mobile Computing | Elimination of (approx) 20 man years of lost productivity | IMAXEAM Visual Schedular | Planning and scheduling software | Data feed to Sharepoint Dashboard | Customer Service Center | Major deployment within 4 months of authorization | MAXIMO training for 500 users | All work orders managed on mobile devices | Maximoworld Awards Winner: Best Overall Asset Performance Program


" We are using IoT to connect the real world to the digital world to help our clients accelerate their businesses."

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John Connell – President and CEO

John’s mastered EAM as a United States Navy Commander/Strategic Sealift Officer. He founded JFC in 2001. John’s focus is on the management and development of systems in large-scale enterprise-wide implementations.

John Gould.jpg

John Gould – Director of Enterprise Asset Management Services

John has nearly two decades of experience in operations and maintenance in a wide variety of environments. His focus is helping clients design, develop and implement robust EAM strategies. John is a Certified Reliabilty Leader.

Adam Watson.jpg

Adam Watson – Director of Technical Services

Adam has spent 15 years managing application and infrastructure projects for a wide variety of industries. He also helps clients analyze and design their business processes to help maximize the effectiveness of their EAM investment.


JFC & Associates is an Advanced IBM Business Partner and is Silver Certified